Raccoon and Skunk Damage to Lawns- Controlling Grubs with Nematodes

Many people prefer not to kill raccoons as their primary method of reducing damage to lawns. We feel that though raccoon extermination is very effective at eliminating their lawn damage, other methods can work well. These include exclusion or raccoons and skunks using barriers, barricades, and fencing as well as using nematodes or insecticides for white grub control in lawns. These methods can be a better and more humane solution for many people.

There are many articles and web sites dedicated to reducing raccoon lawn damage as well as skunk damage using nematodes. A nice and thorough article can be found in this  Article on white grub control for lawn health and reducing raccoon damage.

If you want to keep raccoons and skunks out of your yard, so that they do not dig up your lawn, the best method is to install perimeter fencing that can not be climbed over, under or around…this is not an easy or economical task in most cases. Raccoons are very persistent and agile and will likely find a way through your best work.

We recommend using nematodes as a great alternative to raccoon trapping. The nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora is applied to the soil and these microscopic organisms begin to locate and feed on white grubs. Though this method takes a little time to begin to work, the effects are long lasting and all natural.   What is a nematode? Well there are numerous varieties that feed on all types of stuff, but what we’re talking about here is a specific insect parasite. Read more here on the nature of nematodes.

Why try to stop raccoons from digging up the lawn?  Here is a good example of how raccoons digging for grubs can decimate the grass.

Raccoon damage to lawn could have been prevented with nematodes

Raccoon damage to lawn could have been prevented with nematodes

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