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About Smith’s Raccoon and Skunk Trapping

We provide raccoon and skunk trapping services  to those who have tried just about everything within reason to exclude skunks and raccoons from their yard.  I am a raccoon trapper in San Jose serving Santa Clara and San Mateo county.

This website can help give you ideas on how to keep raccoons and skunks from damaging your yard. We want to help you be raccoon free,  and stop that unpleasant skunk smell all the time.  “I awoke to find my lawn had been torn apart by raccoons overnight” is a common call we receive. We can help!

Smith's Raccoon and Skunk Trapping

Zachary Smith- Trapper, Owner

We believe that most people would prefer to “live and let live” with raccoons and skunks and, and humane raccoon trappers,  we are proponents of that ideology as well. Unfortunately for this nuisance wildlife, the only way to eliminate raccoon damage is to reduce the populations or build an fence that can keep raccoons out.

Did you know that relocating raccoons is illegal in California? The law states that the raccoon trapper must release the animal on site, or euthanize it.

If you have had enough of the nightly battles, and you are ready to call a raccoon trapper or skunk trapper, we can help.  If you smell that bad skunk smell around the yard, give us a call and we will trap the animal affordably.

Our service program

1. We deliver the live cage traps and natural bait to your home

2. We instruct you on how to operate the traps so you can monitor them daily

3. You call us when you have a raccoon or skunk in the cage and we come take it away 

Our service provides:

  • Live trapping of raccoons
  • Live trapping of skunks
  • Application of non-toxic grub control to lawns using nematodes
  • Trap delivery and rental

Raccoons and skunks  are native animals that are omnivoures and scavangers (they pretty much eat everything)  In Bay Area gardens they like to feed on grubs and worms in the lawn. In fact, most Bay Area lawns are loaded of grubs See picture of raccoon damage) .  We get a lot of calls from places like Saratoga, Los Altos and Hillsborough after raccoons or skunks have come to tear up the grass in search of this food.  Treating the grubs with beneficial nematodes is a good long-term solution. The suburban environment makes a great habitat for skunks, raccoons and white grubs. Wildlife that tears up your grass live and travel in the storm sewers and creek beds that traverse our towns. They are nocturnal and will search many yards each night for grubs and worms. Hiring a raccoon trapper is the most effective way to eliminate the skunk problem or raccoon damage you are having.

We are a Bay Area based company. The cities we trap nuisance wildlife in are San Jose- Sunnyvale- Saratoga- Cupertino- Los Altos- Mountain View- Palo Alto- Woodside- Redwood City and the neighboring communities. 

Call Smith’s Raccoon and Skunk Trapping,  Monday- Friday 9-5 at 408-871-6988

Photos of the culprits can be found below. Most people are very familiar with these guys! A word of caution, do not think these cute critters are safe to approach. Though raccoons are likely to flee from people, they can also be aggressive if they feel threatened, and they are extremely powerful. Don’t sick your dog after a raccoon or a skunk.A raccoon can injure a dog very badly, and the skunk’s spray will make your life awful for many days. If in doubt, call SMith’s, your south bay raccoon trapper.

It should be mentioned that another animal loves white grubs- moles.   For help getting rid of moles and gophers check out www.gopher-trapping.com

Skunks can be as damaging as raccoons

Skunks can be as damaging as raccoons

Raccoons love garbage cans!

Raccoons love garbage cans!

Garbage is not the food nature intended for raccoons to eat

Garbage is not the food nature intended for raccoons to eat- keep your cans closed and locked.

Smith’s Raccoon Trapping Service, a Licensed trapper of raccoons and skunks in San Jose and the South San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay

White grubs are primary Raccoon and Skunk Food found in your lawn. Control them with nematodes.

White grubs are primary Raccoon and Skunk Food found in your lawn. We Control them with nematodes.